Good and Evil part 1



Listening to our Spirit, or Satisfying our Flesh?

I recently attended a theatrical performance of sight and sound held by a local church. The name of the play was entitled “Rescue”, Two Special Trees, Two Kinds of Knowledge.

The church presented a wonderful film to the audience. This film engaged us with the beautiful images of creation which are mentioned in the beginning of the Book of Genesis. It reviewed the beginning of time from day 1 to day 6. The next scenes showed us how God created man, Adam and made him in his own image. Then God took the rib of Adam and made woman, since Adam could not find a suitable mate upon the earth.

Adam and Eve were very happy and didn’t have a care in the world. They lived in a paradise and God walked among them.

God had given Adam and Eve access to the entire Garden of Eden, except they were forbidden to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If they ate from this tree, God told them they will certainly die.

Well, the serpent appeared and began to talk to Eve, as cunning as he was, he twisted the truth. Eve saw the fruit of the tree was appealing and she desired wisdom. She ate the fruit, and also gave some to her husband.

Adam and Eve were both afraid and hid themselves from God! Because of their great sin, God threw them out of the Garden of Eden.

Even those of us who have given our hearts to Jesus and choose to follow him, we too can still have difficult decisions to make. We may have confusing thoughts, doubts, or fleshy desires. Why do we still have these thoughts? The enemy is still roaring upon the earth. He especially loves to get into our thoughts and whisper lies to us like he did with Eve. He is a master of twisting the truth and making things that are really bad, sound appealing. Greed could be another sin that might cause you to act in the wrong way. Eve wasn’t satisfied with everything God had given Adam and her; she desired more.

How can we protect ourselves? The best way to protect ourselves is to daily speak Ephesians 6: 10-17 and clothe ourselves in the armor of God. We need to be persistent to read God’s Word. Let God’s Word go into our heads and penetrate our hearts. Speak God’s Word boldly over ourselves and our situations. Finally, we need to ask for help from our Heavenly Father. Ask him, to strengthen our spirits. Pray we can walk and act in the Spirit as the Apostle Paul urges us to do in Galatians 5. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us wisdom.

Father God, I lift up every friend that is reading this post. Strengthen them Lord. May they cling to our Savior, Jesus, who is the vine. May they abide in him. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen



Perfect Time

Welcome Friends to my brand “new ” blog!

Have you ever wanted to do something, but became frustrated or even lost hope, because that certain something, “never” happened?

Do you still have certain goals or dreams you like to accomplish? Or have you let go of them?

“Well, friends I have been there more than once! I can’t begin to tell you how many teacher’s assistants jobs I have had, that never worked out.”

In the summer of 2015, after completing my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, I submitted my FAFSA application to Mont Clair, the college of my choice. I wanted to continue my quest to achieve my Masters in Special Ed. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify for financial aid. I was crushed! I even researched colleges online, but , I just couldn’t afford the tuition.

Fortunately, I was able to apply for a teacher’s assistant position with a temp agency. This opportunity kept me busy and allowed me to gain more valuable experience working with preschool and elementary students. I also had the opportunity often to work with special needs children. My favorite position was when I worked as a one on one aid.

In the winter of 2016, my husband’s dad passed away. We packed up all of our belongings and moved in with his handicapped mom. We had to stay there and get his mom settled. During that time, I couldn’t temp; so I had to stop working.

We finally moved out in the summer of 2017. Even though I didn’t have the responsibility of caring for his mom, I still couldn’t go back to work. I had to stay home until my daughter got her own car.

During the summer of 2017 I had informed the Scholastic temp agency that I was still interested in participating with their company. I was hoping I could finally be placed in a long- term or permanent position with an elementary school. I wanted a place to belong and have the opportunity to really make a difference in children’s lives.

To my surprise, I received several job offers through the temp staffing agency in the middle of August! I decided to apply for the position closest to me. Before the interview, I assembled all my important papers. I even rehearsed questions that the interviewer may ask me during the interview.

When I arrived at the Special Education supervisor’s office, I sat down expecting to be asked a series of questions. This did not happen. The supervisor looked perplexed when I came in her office. She didn’t even know what position I was applying for. I told her I was applying for the short-term teacher’s assistant position. She informed me, that she just had finished talking to the girl I was to replace. She told me the girl decided to resign, and take care of her ill mother. She asked me if I would be interested in a permanent position at their school. Although, I was in a bit of shock, I told Joyce that I would definitely be interested in the position. She asked for my resume and my test scores. We talked briefly about my experience and she was very pleased I had taken educational exams. She began to discuss my salary. I was thrilled, I was going to make $16.00 an hour. I only had to work five hours. God knew I wanted a permanent position.

Finally, in September of 2018, a dream came true for me. I was so thankful that God had orchestrate every detail up to this point. I worked in a self-contained classroom for a few months with ten third grade students. The class was challenging. I was so glad, when our elementary school switched some of the paraprofessionals around. Now I work primarily in the reading and math resource room. I assist the lead teacher and also I get the opportunity to work one on one with the students.

If you carefully, follow my story, you can see that God was working behind the scenes. He had this perfect position already planned for me. Sometimes we may not see anything going on and you may even be hit with a road block or a delay. I want to encourage you to keep on pursuing your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Ask God to ordain your steps daily. God can open up doors for you, that you might have thought would be very difficult or impossible. God can provide funds for you even if your bank account is low.

Keep believing and be in expectation, you never know when God will move in a mighty way!