In the Eye of the Storm




Storms can be very unpredictable.

Thunderstorms can be quick and the clouds will pass by and move on to another location. Other storms like a hurricane that is accompanied with high winds and heavy rain can last for days. Weather conditions can change rapidly and sometimes shore residents have a little time to prepare or evacuate.

In March of this year, I attended a powerful woman’s conference sponsored by my local Assembly of God Church entitled “Uncommon”. This simulcast was led by Debbie Morris of Pink Impact. Debbie is the leader of Pink Impact, as well as she is the executive pastor of women at Gateway Church.

Charlotte Gambill, The lead pastor of Life Church in the United Kingdom, presented an in-depth mini sermon about the storms in our lives. She referenced The Book of Acts chapter 27.

 ” Life is full of storms and we need to learn how to navigate them.”  Charlotte Gambill

She points out that in the beginning of Acts 27, many things began to unfold and various attitudes and behaviors were demonstrated.

The Apostle Paul and other prisoners were now in route to Rome, Italy on a second ship. Unfortunately, because of the rough winds they had lost a great deal of time. The weather was becoming dangerous for long voyages, because it was now late in the fall. The Apostle Paul warned the officer in charge that they would soon encounter trouble ; they would be shipwreck, lose cargo and endanger peoples lives. (Acts 27:10) The officer did not heed Paul’s warning, he listen to the ship’s captain and owner.

  The captain ordered the crew to set sail; the weather changed abruptly and a wind of a typhoon strength ( a Northeaster) caught the ship and blew it out to sea. (Acts 27:14)

Several times in the Bible God would send the prophets, and even today he sends messengers to warn us of eminent danger. That is why is it so important to be led by our spirit which brings wisdom, and not by our flesh which can cause us to think foolishly.

What about your own life?

Did God warn you not to do something?

Did he warn you not to go to a certain place?

Did he warn you not to associate with a certain person or group?

Charlotte, points out the three types of personalities that are demonstrated during the storm. The first personality is the “roper”, the second is the “thrower”, and the final personality is the “no hoper”.

Today I like to just discuss about the “roper” or control freak.

The sailors placed ropes under the ship to strengthen it. (Acts 27:17)

Charlotte pointed out that the roper doesn’t pray and doesn’t have faith. The roper simply delegates and has many rope burns. Women can rope their marriage, rope their child or children and even rope their relationship with God.

Genesis 15 & 16: God’s Promise to Abram & Sarai’s Doubt

God had promised Abram a son, but after a period of two years, Sarai became impatient. Sarai, was a “roper”; she took matters into her own hands, and told Abraham to lye with her maid servant, Hagar.

Hagar had a son and she named him Ishmael. Then fourteen years later Sarah had a son, Isaac, and God’s promise was fulfilled.

I’m sure many of us at one time or another, have been a “roper”. We try to control a person or a situation. How does this make us feel? Do we “really” feel in control and have a sense of accomplishment?


Do we become frustrated, weary, and have many “rope burns”?

Charlotte encourages us to trade our “rope” for trust. She further tells us that we can experience peace from Jesus.

This concludes our first segment of our message “In the Eye of the Storm”




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