Dear Friends,

On October 24 th of last year I hit my head very hard on a freezer door of a refrigerator at a school. At first, I thought I was getting better; however, into my second week, my symptoms increased and intensified.

I am going on my fourth month dealing with PCS or Post Concussion Syndrome. This is my second official concussion in about ten years.

I did finally see the first neurologist appointed by my lawyer. He evaluated me and recommended further testing and to see another neurologist and a psychologist that deals with concussions. Without going into detail, since October 24 th, my family and I have been faced with many challenges.

Since I do not get a chance to go outside much, nor am I working, I felt the need to continue writing this blog and to socialize more.

Today I will finish the blog series that I started back in September of last year.

My lawyer appears before a judge on March 4th. I don’t know how long this process will take. I only hope that God will rule on my behalf, and I will be able to have temporarily benefits and more treatment.

Two weeks ago, I did have some ray of hope. I started taking a small sample of CBD oil and noticed my symptoms were less. So I have decided to order the CBD oil soon. It has helped me with stamina, alertness, and focus. Also the stimuli of sights and sounds doesn’t affect me as much. Thank you for joining me on this journey and supporting this blog.

God bless.